Mental Health Resources

Living with food allergies can be stressful. If you or a member of your family is experiencing mental health issues related to food allergies, support is available. If you would like to find a mental health professional with experience caring for individuals and families managing food allergies, please take a look at The Food Allergy Counselor Directory. This directory has been compiled from recommendations received from patients and providers across the nation and around the world. If you have already had a good experience with a mental health provider who understands the issues surrounding food allergies, please suggest them through the form provided.

For additional guidance on managing the emotional and social aspects of life with a food allergy, please check out the following FARE resources.

Educational Webinars:

Support Groups: Food allergy support groups are a great way to seek and give both information and support.

  • Use this FARE Support Group Finder tool to find local, in-person groups, as well as virtual support groups
  • There are numerous food allergy support groups on Facebook, many organized by type of allergy, topic, or audience