Your Food Allergy Story Drives Research Forward

Share your experiences to fuel food allergy solutions

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Your Food Allergy Story Drives Research Forward

Share your experiences to fuel food allergy solutions

Tell us your story
Members & growing
Food allergens tracked
<1 to 80+
Members have 2 or more allergies

Why join the FARE patient registry?

Your Food Allergy Experience Holds Important Clues for Research

No one understands food allergies better than those living with them every day. Your participation in the FARE Patient Registry helps researchers answer key questions about food allergies and inform life-changing improvements in care and treatment.

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Thomas B. Casale, MD
Thomas Silvera
Linda Herbert, PhD
Ruchi Gupta, MD, MPH

Research Changes Lives

“Every food allergy patient’s experience is unique, so the more patients who join and contribute to this Registry, the richer the data will be for medical researchers, like myself, who are seeking to understand as much as we can about life with food allergies. This data will help speed the development of life-changing treatments and better patient care.”

-Ruchi Gupta, MD, MPH

Researcher & Food Allergy Parent

“As a parent of two boys with food allergies, one son in my heart and my other son who daily must continue to avoid his allergens, the information the Registry gathers is extremely vital for all of us in this growing epidemic. The future to finding a cure is now.”

-Thomas Silvera

Food Allergy Parent & Co-Founder/President of Elijah-Alavi Foundation

“The FARE Patient Registry is a powerful tool that will help us accelerate the pace of food allergy research by promoting collaboration the individuals and families living with food allergy and the research community committed to solving this epidemic.”

-Thomas B. Casale, MD

FARE Chief Medical Advisor and PI, FARE Patient Registry

“Getting all of these unique perspectives (from the FARE Patient Registry) ensures that when we advocate for patients with food allergy and develop support programs for them, we are addressing everyone's needs.”

-Linda Herbert, PhD

Licensed Psychologist, FARE Patient Registry researcher

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The FARE Patient Registry is made possible through the generous support of our donors including anonymous private philanthropy, DBV Technologies and Genentech.