Together, we can save lives.

Food allergy is a serious and growing public health issue. Approximately 15 million Americans have food allergies, including 1 in 13 children. Every three minutes, someone is taken to the emergency room for a food allergy reaction in the United States, and the underlying causes of food allergy and its rapid rise in recent years is still unknown.

FARE’s Patient Registry seeks to answer these questions – and achieve so much more as we work to accelerate research in the area of food allergy. The information you provide will help foster new directions in research to better understand how food allergies affect individual patients and what therapies can be developed to help them. Your participation may help us discover new ways to improve patients’ lives and connect individuals and families to new and innovative clinical trials nationwide.

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Every disease community should have a common, accessible patient registry.

We’ve heard over and over that creating a shared registry of patients is one of the most valuable things a disease community can do. A registry puts critical information about a disease all in one place. This makes it easier for researchers to study the disease, for patients to learn about front-line treatments and for advocates to speak on behalf of the disease community.

But registries are hard to maintain.

Registries are expensive. They need constant upkeep - usually by people with a lot of expertise in disease and data management. Often there are multiple competing registries for one disease, which leads to siloed, dead-end data that nobody can use.

Patient Crossroads is here to fix all of that.

Our CONNECT platform enables anyone - from individual patients to global research organizations - to collect and share disease data in a way that’s controlled, transparent and centered on patients’ best interests.